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Kayak Rental

Kayak & Paddle Board Rentals

Sometimes you’d rather just paddle on your own at your own speed. We get that and we can help! In addition to our guided kayak tours we offer rentals for guests who prefer to make their own way on the water.

Rental Delivery & Pickup Option
We offer a delivery and pick up option at Rocky Point Boat Launch on the south end of the Kayak & Canoe Trails. This is lovely calm water place to paddle and is just about 5 minutes from our office. We do not deliver or pick up at other locations.


Haul your own rentals

If you have a roof rack or truck and you’d like to haul your rental on your own to a different paddling spot we also offer one and two day rental options. You are responsible for tying down your own kayak with your own straps so please come prepared. Bungee cords are not allowed. Plan to use ratchet straps on similar tie down straps.

We can absolutely provide you with information on great places to paddle throughout the Klamath Basin. Most locations will require a full day rental to allow enough time to get there and back in the rental timeframe.


We provide Jackson Kayaks for tours and rentals. They are a wider kayak and less tippy than narrower models but still responsive to steering with paddling. Each kayak has a molded unpadded back rest and avariable foot rests. Tandem kayaks are similar with two seats. They are all sit on top models and do NOT require you to know how to roll in the event that you tip over.

Paddleboards are hard boats manufactured by BIC. They vary in length from 10ft to 13 foot.


Reservations for rentals are required to ensure that we have the boat inventory for you and a staff person to handle deliveries and pick-ups. We’re happy to rent to you the same day as your reservation but call ahead to confirm availability of boats!


Lost or Damage equipment

If a kayak, paddle board, lifejacket or paddle is lost or damaged you are responsible for the FULL COST of replacement.

All rentals require you to wear a lifejacket and one will be supplied to you. All lifejackets have a whistle attached for safety use. All paddleboards have an ankle leash supplied for your use.

A single paddle and lifejacket will be supplied for single kayaks and paddleboards. Additional lifejackets may be rented but only ONE PERSON is allowed on single kayaks and paddleboards. A child age three or four may sit in a single kayak with an accompanying adult as long as the two together do not exceed the weight limit. (280 pounds) Children age four and older may be in a tandem kayak with an adult.

All kayaks and paddleboards will have a ROE sticker applied and cover the required waterway pass for Oregon.

Rate 3 Hour Rental

  • Single Kayak – $50 per boat for up to 3 hours Includes delivery and pickup
  • Paddleboard – $50 per boat for up to 3 hours Includes delivery and pickup
  • Tandem Kayak (two seats) – $70 for up to 3 hours. Includes delivery and pickup
  • Late return is a $25 fee per boat every 15 minutes late

Day Rental

  • Single Kayak – $75 per boat for 9am to 5pm
  • Paddleboard – $75 per boat for 9am to 5pm
  • Tandem Kayak (two seats) – $95 per boat for 9am to 5pm
  • Late return is a $25 fee per boat every 15 minutes late

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